TRA Membership Update

Once again this year the TRA Board has allowed me to offer TRA Regular Memberships to new applicants with a discount. If you know of an individual that has been putting off joining or have new interest in joining TRA they can do so with a discount off their OTR 2018 admission. I have created the 2018 EZ Application that’s a simple one page app. The applicant will need to print, fill out & provide all the necessary original paperwork with the exception of proof of age. Also include a check, money order or cashier’s check for $15 and SASE to me by July 31st.  The applicant will also have to have 2 Regular or Lifer TRA members or 1 TRA Trustee to sponsor their application. The sponsor forms are a separate EZ form and may be mailed separate from the applicant’s form to me.  All forms, original application & sponsor forms MUST be in my mailbox no later than July 31st, NOT postmarked, for the application to be considered. If approved the applicant will be granted a TRA Membership and a special Discount Coupon valued at $15 off their OTR 2018 admission.

If you know of an applicant that is interested have them email me at: and I will email them the forms necessary. If they have questions have them email me as well.

Cave Safely,

Scott E Baker

TRA Membership Secretary