Event Tent: A Holiday in Cambodia

Abbe Hamilton will be scheduled at the Event Tent, date and time T.B.D., to talk about her trip to Cambodia. Her presentation with be wonderful for all of us “Arm Chair Cavers” who live vicariously through other’s trips.

Here is the description on her presentation.

“December 2017 marked the first-ever US expedition to Cambodia. It was the second-ever survey team to spend time in the country, the first being the German team led by Michael Laumann that began their exploits in the mid-nineties, well before Cambodia’s nascent tourism industry took off.

The purpose of the expedition was to discover, photograph and survey caves in the southern region of Kampot. The team documented 34 caves and mapped 21.

Cambodia has great potential for opening these caves to tourism while its cement industry simultaneously threatens the future of the caves and the substantial wildlife found inside.

Join us for swashbuckling tales of daring-do , photos of the wild and extreme rural landscapes and tales of some of our more memorable misadventures in a country of short, jagged caves and giant adventure.”