8th Annual Band Aide

Sunday night after the TRA Awards Ceremony, sick around for the “8th Annual Band Aide”. OTR Favorites, BUZZ City, will be performing on the main stage gratis and passing the hat for donations to the First Aide facility coffers. Your contributions help with the supplies and equipment needed to assure that the staff will be able to stabilize any injured or sick fellow Old Timer until the Rescue Squad arrives. Making sure that our AEDs are working and have pads available to use if needed as well as basic first aid supplies is so very important and your donations are a big help. So come and dance or just tap your toes to some great music and make a donation if you can!

Check out this performance from 2014:

Buzz City began in 1975 when a group of Virginia cavers, who were also Bluegrass musicians, went caving in West Virginia and camped at Thorn Springs Park. They were unaware of OTR and were quite surprised when it sprang up around them. The original members were a diverse group of cavers and music lovers from Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Members have come and gone over the years, adding Ohio, Georgia, Delaware, Maryland, Colorado, Canada and other places. Many of them met for the first time at OTR itself through their love of caving and music. When asked where Buzz City is located, the answer is OTR since it’s the only time they all get together. The band consists of a core group of Buzz City members as well as various friends from other OTR groups, depending on who’s in attendance and available at the time.