R.O.O.T.s & T.O.O.T.s 3rd Annual Gathering

The 3rd Annual R.O.O.T.s & T.O.O.T.s Meet and Greet is scheduled to be held Friday, 1-3 pm at C.O.O.T.ers.  All are welcome to enjoy Ol’ Timers fellowship, raise a toast, and socialize with our longtime attendees. T.O.O.T.s  (Terrifically Original Old Timer, Truly Original Old Timer, or whichever distinguished stamp placed upon them) have attended 60 years while R.O.O.T.s (Real Original Old Timers) have spent 40 or more weekends caving and carousing at the annual reunions.  Come meet the real Ol’ Timers of OTR!