Contest Information with New Category


True Old Timers will remember that the contests were created by Bob Lutz in the sixties to keep Jerry Nettles out of trouble and busy in the campground. Contests of caving skills are a fun way to demonstrate your interest and commitment to caving in a competitive venue. The tradition at OTR continues, thanks to the volunteers and judges who give days of their time to make these events happen.

We offer a wide variety of opportunities, ranging from carbide lamp assembly vertical techniques. This year we are not segregating contest hours by age or gender, just show up anytime during the posted contest hours, sign up and be there for your turn at the event (prizes will still be segregated by age ranges though). Look for more information about specific contests and times after the July work weekend. We plan to award “OTR Caver Dollars” on Saturday night to allow plenty of time to select your prizes. Your Certificates will be available during the Sunday Awards Slideshow. Be there to pick your up and see if the roving photographer captured your efforts.


One exciting new change for this year is the Grotto Participation Award. To energize and recognize the collective efforts of our grottos, we have a new challenge for this year. One prize of $250 cash will be awarded to the grotto with the most participation points accumulated between Noon on Thursday and Noon on Sunday. Here are the basic guidelines:

  • Grottos must register on Thursday or Friday.
  • Identify as a grotto, present a list of participating members to Contest Coordinator stationed at Cooters
  • Minimum of five, three will actively participate in physical contests, others may volunteer
  • Points are assigned for various activities, contest related or volunteer efforts.
  • The more difficult or unappealing the task, the higher the points. Trash collection gets more points than pouring beer.
  • Contests will keep a running tally of accumulated points and the winner will be announced during Sunday evenings Awards.Grottos can pick their volunteer opportunities, report to the assigned Krewe Chief, and do their best.
  • If you do not show up for your shift, your grotto loses double the possible points.

We hope to make this a regular event, so show your support for the Speleolympics and your grotto by pitching in and helping to make things happen.