Remembering Dick Blenz

Photo Credit: David Black via Facebook

We lost another member of our Caver Family…

I am sad to report that Richard (Dick) Blenz passed away at the age of 93. Dick, a cave owner, NSS, TRA supporter and ROBBIE Award recipient, will be missed by us all. The week before OTR, Dick was often seen riding around on the Gravely mowing the grass. The man never stopped working! During OTR, Dick wandered around the property quietly observing the party scene, sometimes shaking his head but always with that grin that Dick had on his face. Dick did not drink alcohol or coffee and loved a big glass of milk or some good Root Beer. And Ice Cream! He loved ice cream and could be seen with those pints of Ben and Jerry’s! So instead of shedding tears, have a big glass of milk and cookies or some ice cream and share your memories of Dick.

For those who did not know Dick, here is a wonderful Podcast, hosted by Matt Pelsor of the Central Indiana Grotto of the NSS, containing interviews with Dick. Many thanks to Matt for capturing the voice and words of our much loved friend.