10th Anniversary of “Band Aide”

The 2022 Old Timers Reunion marked the 10th Anniversary of “Band Aide”.

“Band Aide” resulted as an act of appreciation for medical care a grotto member received during an OTR.  When asked how they could repay First Aid for their assistance, we suggested they move their jam session to our First Aid area and encourage donations by passing the hat during their “concert”.

Initially held at First Aid, the concert soon outgrew the venue and was moved to the Pavilion. Attendance and donations have grown every year and we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that this year we raised over $1100.00 as well as receiving an anonymous donation of monies to purchase an AED.

We simply cannot thank you all enough for sharing your time, talents, and the very generous donations from our OTR family with us so that we may continue to provide quality First Aid to all TRA staff and OTR attendees both at the work weekends and the OTR event itself.

Sarah M
OTR Chair 2017-2018
First Aid Volunteer