OTR 2022 Event Tent

The Event Tent hosted a Paint and Sip again this year, graciously led by Cheryl Suitor.  Sign-ups were available online during pre-registration and there were a few spots available to walk-ins. Another art project was added this year. Sarah Richards and I taught printmaking. More popular than we expected it to be, we plan to bring it back next year. Popular again this year on Friday morning we had Yoga for Cavers in the Bikram style led by Nikki Fox.

The Event Tent was created to be a venue where cave related talks and activities could take place, a little further down Vendor’s Row and away from all the activities at the Pavilion. We welcome everyone interested in sharing an update on their caving activities; be it a survey, scientific study, cave exploration. We’d like to hear about it!

Please watch for our “call” next year a few months before next year’s OTR and let’s get you on the schedule! We’re always available via email at: Eventtent@otr.org

Sarah Mosberg
Dave Field
Event Tent Hosts