Message from the Asst Director of First Aide

This was my first year as the Assistant Director of First Aide and man do I have some difficult shoes to fill! Doc’s years of service to OTR and TRA has set a very high standard of care for our attendees, and I hope to be able to continue to maintain that. Fear not… Doc will still be in charge of 1st Aid medically; I’ve just taken over the daily operations. I love working with him and every year I learn new things from him. His depth and breadth of knowledge are vast, and his willingness to share it really adds to the culture of First Aide. I’ve been a volunteer in First Aide for about 5 years now (I haven’t exactly kept track) and my background is as a 911 paramedic in a busy urban fire house. First Aide is run as a team, and all skill levels, from layperson to ER Physician have an important role to play.

Although we did have several significant calls in First Aide this year, this is the 1st time in any of our memories we did not have to call for an ambulance. Anecdotally in the past, we’d average maybe 1 per day. Lots of bangs, bruises and cuts, the normal stuff. This is not meant as a challenge, but an acknowledgement that we know how to party safely and celebrate with style!

This year also marked a large upswing in the number of volunteers we had. We have at least 2 people volunteer for each shift, keeping us fully staffed throughout the event. We honestly couldn’t run First Aide without the help of everyone, so I’m beyond thankful for everyone who stepped up for a shift (or more). Each shift is 2 hours. Anyone is welcome to join us, no matter level of experience. Especially welcome are lay people with no healthcare background (that’s how I got started) and anyone who is becoming a healthcare professional, CNAs, EMT-B, paramedics, nursing students & nurses, pre-med and med-students, residents & interns & doctors, retired and active alike (yeah, I know that covers a lot of skill sets, but the point is, all are welcome!),

As a reminder (we’ll remind everyone again next year), First Aide’s normal operation hours are 8:00 a.m. to Midnight. From Midnight to 8:00 a.m. we are on call and close by for any and all emergencies. We ask if it’s after normal operating hours and if your need isn’t urgent, please wait till morning and allow the First Aidestaff to rest.

On a personal note, I want to acknowledge my wife, Cindy’s role in First Aid. My involvement has often left her abandoned on a moment’s notice to attend to an emergency, and we’ve had to alter plans. She cheerfully adapts and helps out and now she’s been working as a volunteer too in First Aide (as well as the Event Tent). Love ya’ critter to the moon and back, and thanks!

See ya’ in roaring 20s!!!!

Phil Goldman
Assistant Director, First Aide