OTR 2022 TRA Awards

On Sunday night, September 4, TRA had an Award Ceremony and presented a double slate of TRA Award Recipients due to the cancelation of the previously scheduled OTR. All of these Award recipients are well deserved and are appreciated!

For 2021, Dr. Stephen ‘Doc” Mosberg was presented the Paul Stevens Award for Distinguished Service for his continued service to OTR as the head of the First Aide team. Not a small task and he recognized and thanked all of the First Aide team for helping make the award possible.

Awarded TRA Fellows for 2021 were Bill Boehle, Dave Field, Joanna Fitzick, Phil Goldman, Roger June, Melissa Ward, and Amanda Willis. Thanks for your commitment to OTR and TRA! (Not pictured: Melissa Ward)

Now on to the 2022 Awards!

The one and only Bud Shaw, at his 40th OTR, was also presented with the Paul Stevens Award for Distinguished Service. Bud was the Groundskeeper for more years than you can count and now is found on all the work weekends helping to keep all of TRAs machines in running order. The man is a wizard who brings live back to machines that need some tender loving care with a wrench and some lube!

Awarded 2022 TRA fellows for their dedication to OTR and TRA were Daniel Hemple, Cody Maurin, Jim Maurin, Rick Murray and Matt Watton, (Not Pictured: Rick Murray and Jim Maurin)