Modifying Registration or Adding Merchandise

Pre-Registration for OTR 2023 is now available.  Limit the amount of time spent in the Registration Pavilion when you arrive for OTR by pre-registering.  Pre-registering for OTR will also get you access to OTR Merchandise that is only available for order through pre-registration.  General OTR Merchandise will only be available during OTR in a few sizes.  Make sure you get your OTR Merchandise by pre-registering.  When you pre-register for OTR, your ordered merchandise will be given to you when you check-in.  There will be limited Merch available for purchase on site so get it today!

Registration Information – OTR.ORG

Did you Pre-Register without adding Merch and now have FOMO? No worries! You can add it to your existing registration.  Follow these instructions to do so!  Keep in mind that some Merch is only available during Pre-Registration!!

Modifying A Registration or Buying Merch After Registering – OTR.ORG